Clackamas White Water

December 2 2007
Boated the Clackamas River Oregon at 6000 cfs
Soggie Sneakers recommends 1000-2400 cfs for this Class III+ run
Put in at Hole in the Wall and Took out at Bob's Hole.

Brian F., "T", Tom, and myself

Boated the LL Remix 69
Carbon Werner 197 Could have used a 200 with that boat.

First time on big river water. This was also my Fifth time on a river. The first Rapid is a rated a IV at big levels and so is Carter Bridge. These rapids are easy places to navigate though but I did have friends lines to follow. Did really well and had no swims. Followed the other guys lines since they new the river better than myself.
Nervous or rather Anxious during the first two rapids and then I had a blast.

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