New BCU 3* assessment July 20th

Cape Disappointment BCU 3* Assessment
Asseccor was Karl Anderson
Observed by Dave White

Shawn A. (myself)
Jason Self
Dave Grahm

Incoming tide at 3nots.
NW wind at 5-15
4ft. NW Swell

To be taken in force and sea state 3
Actual conditions were force and sea state 4

Started out in Parking lot at Wiakiki Beach.
Talked about weather for the day and what we could expect.
Drove to other side to look and launch from north of north jetty. Karl asked that we let him know one by one if we wanted to launch into the surf or not with a thumbs up or down. I gave him the thumbs up with the three foot surf that I saw.

Bill didnt like what he saw and shook his head no. I kinda peeked... oops

We launched from Wiakiki beach and headed to the end of north jetty. There was no surf to start because of the low tide.

When the group neared the tide race that was forming at the end of the jetty Bill started getting very nervous. He started trembling and he looked very unstable. The group went out into the waves and played in the incoming tide and the wind was blowing NW for perfect conditions. Bills body was becoming very stiff as he was paddling and he kept mentioning to me that he was drifting into the waves.
I looked at Bill and told him to look at the rocks at the jetty. We were sitting just inside the jetty where it was very calm with alittle movement from the waves wrapping around. We both noticed that we were not moving and I told him that I would stay with him as they all practiced rescues. He told me that he had never been on the ocean before and at that moment I was wondering why he wanted to get assessed on his kayaking ability in the ocean. We all turned around and headed back. Karl came back with the group and Bill told him that he was done and wanted to go back. He sent me and part of the group back into the waves for one more time, but I didnt get to do anything except watch amanda get rescued by Jason.

Amanda Dumped Jason over twice as she was hanging onto the stern of his boat and getting a contact tow. We headed back to Wiakiki beach and Dave White took Bill back to the Beach.
At that point the Group played around in the cave that was near by and I had a chance to back deep into the opening. It was very awsome in there.

We then demo'd eskimo bow rescues and pulled each other out of the cave. After this the group paddled east to Dead Man Cove for lunch. We entered one at a time and had lunch. Talked about the 50/90 rule for current speed.

We then had capsize drills off the right side of the cove looking out to the ocean. We capsized one at a time off the cliff face. We did a rescue and had a second person set-up a contact tow to pull us out of the area. I never to swim in the drink, nor did I use my tow belt. I really was not all that concerned and I know I wouldnt have a problem doing what ever he needed me to due.
So all went well and we were in conditions well over the set level, but just by alittle. Things were kept causual by Karl and really the level of paddlers there was well over what was required. It was a great group and very rare to have such a cool group to paddle with.

So, we all passed after landing and going over some easy navigation.

Oh, love the NDK Explorer. What a fantastic boat!

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