Birthday Week - Time for Surfing at the coast.

So, I have a big week. It is my b-day this week. I will be seeing the premier of This is the Sea 4 - - which is going to be a fun event.

So, happens to be My birthday, November 6th, which will be a lot of fun. I am turning 28 this year. There is another great movie coming out soon. Eastern Horizons. I saw my first little sneak view of a trailer and it looks like a great movie. Part of the film takes place where I started kayaking and grew up. BarHarbor Maine. So two awsome movies to look forward too!

Then I am having a get together with Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe staff in additional to many other people. I will be heading to the coast either this Wednesday for some surfing or Next Monday to do some kayak fishing with Jason Self, and Dave Slover (owner of AlderCreek). I hope to get many pictures to post and should have some fun things to read about in the near future. There is so much going on.
Not easy being a full time college student, full time work, and trying to get my play time in. So, check back in a week and I hope to have plenty of pics and adventures to talk about.

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