Surfing at Short Sands

I have been super busy with school, birthday stuff and life. I did get a chance to do alittle surfing. My back has been hurting me so getting out into bigger waves is to stressful on my body, but I am still trying! I kinda max out about 6 foot or so. I think that this is mostly in my head and the bigger the wave the more time I have to move around the face. I am learning that I like more green water.

It is also important to take off on the green water just before the waves starts to break. This gives a cleaner ride while you are not be effected by the white water.
While at the beach there were several other white water play boats in the surf. They had some surfers trying to get into the waves with them and I almost witnessed some bad surfing etiquette. The one interesting moment was a surfer had established his/her ride on the wave and a kayaker was trying to drop in right above the surfer. The kayaker would launch down the wave hitting the surfer in the legs for sure! Luckily, for the surfer, the slow white water boat couldn't make the drop. I will be writing more soon I hope. Til then here are a few pics from the day.

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