White Water Run before Texas

I am flying out of Portland at 7am to head south for 10 days. It has been about two years since I have seen my family down that way. Not really looking forward to rising around 5am, but I can be a champ. I will miss not be able to paddle. I did get a few runs on some class II+ with a good friend. It was actually my first time in a play boat, liquid logic CR 125, and had a swim after 5 min on the river in this big boiling eddy line. Rushed my roll so I swam, but hey we are all between out swims!

I have learned that I need to roll before each run if possible. I had never been in this little boat before and I had no idea how it felt to run.

Actually after the swim I felt fine and rocked the river the rest of the way down. At the end we drove back up to the top and decided to do the run again. Since the day was about 40 f we started a vehicle, warmed up with some hot tea and lunch. In about 30 min. We were ready to make the run again. This time Kevin and myself had a great run and worked on a bunch of skills. Mostly trying to surf what ever wave we could find.

I have noticed that when I go down the river I try not to aim straight down and am mostly sideways. I am learning that if I can be sideways I can move around the river with alot more speed. I am already heading down river. I think that initially for me it was being comfortable on the river and most of that is learning to relax and not fight the flow of the water to much. Many times it is just about getting into the drivers seat by getting forwards in the boat and turning on the power when needed. Other wise just relax and have FUN!

I will try to post some pics of my adventures in Texas and I hope to paddle New years day.

Happy Holidays,

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