Surfing The Oregon Coast

Well, I went surfing about ten days ago out at the coast. The conditions were perfect, getting a ride was a pain in the @#!, but it was 60 deg. and amazing. I didn't feel all that great but was getting some rides on the smaller four foot surf. There is still alot of power in those waves. There was 5 of us total and 4 of us on the water. Three surf kayaks and one wave ski. The outer break was about 6-7 feet tall and was just super green and gentle breaking!

What a great day for catching waves. I really don't like the Valley Storm that I have been using for a bunch of different reasons. I would have to say the biggest reason is that I am about 20 lbs. over the capacity and I can feel the boat cavitation in the stern as I approach the bottom of the turn. Well, that is what I get for not being a average height! I will try to get more boating in soon, but the hiking has been superb as well.

PS. On my last white water adventure I swam with my camera and lost it to the river gods, but I was able to save the memory card. All is but a memory now!

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